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Visit India’s Finest Wildlife Resort; Experience Breathtaking Jungle Adventure!

Go on tailor-made safaris, listen to fretful wild-calls, follow pugmarks, and you if get lucky, catch King of the Jungle in midst of an electrifying hunting action! Visit Gopala Swamy Hill, a historically significant hilltop famed for foggy environs and wildlife sightings. Drive-up to Ooty, explore the wondrous hill station and shop for finest chocolates.

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Country Club Bandipur

Situated on the fringes of India’s largest tiger reserve – the mighty Bandipur National Park in Karnataka, South India – the Country Club Wildlife Resort is your gateway into the heart of exuberant jungle life. Unwind amid pleasant jungle surroundings, enjoy finest luxurious amenities and explore the magnificent woods by joining guided safari and trekking groups.

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